Real-time status monitoring of critical enterprise applications and business processes.


What is xmon™?

Enterprise monitoring tool

Real-time status monitoring of critical enterprise server applications for SAP, OpenText, xSuite and more. 

Monitor end-to-end enterprise IT processes simultaneously to prevent system failure or damage.

According to a Statista report, the average cost of downtime for IT across all businesses is about $5,600 per minute or $336,000 per hour.

xmon monitoring tool

How xmon™ works?

System application monitoring

xmon™ is incorporated into the content management system to track the performance and health of certain system applications. While deploying xmon™ we work with you to specify the parameters which you want to track to ensure a focused view of your system.


When parameters that are tracked in the system are defined, with xmon™ you can define when would you like to receive the warning. e.g. “Warning = Low disk space” you can choose to get a notification at the specific % of the free disk space and get notified to resolve it before it becomes a problem. 

No internet or VPN connection required

Our application xmon™ is designed so that it doesn’t require an internet connection. Email is sent directly from your system to the key persona maintaining the system. No-internet-access guarantees you a high-security level of application with no possibility of data breaches.

Email notification

If an error or warning is recognized in the system, an automated email is sent to the key personas to solve the issue. The email consists of all the crucial information to locate and solve the problem before it actually happens. For an extra layer of security email can even be encrypted.

Why are monitoring tools critical for enterprises?


Unplanned downtime across industries costs an estimated $50 billion annually globally, according to a report by IHS Markit.


A survey by Statista found that the average cost of IT downtime across all industries is approximately $5,600 per minute or $336,000 per hour.


According to a Gartner analysis, 60% of digital organizations would experience significant service outages by 2025 as a result of IT teams’ incapacity to manage digital risk.

xmon™ gallery

xmon™ compatibility

Choose where you want to plug-in xmon™.


Extended ECM / xECM, Archive Center, Invoice Capture Center (ICC), Vendor Invoice Management (VIM), Document Pipeline


Content Server, Archivelink








xmon™ is secure!

Bulletproof security system

The complexity of enterprise document management systems is responsible for why our big focus was on the security of applications when developing xmon™. 

Our aim with product xmon™ is to minimize threats that can happen in enterprise systems.

We made crucial design choices to ensure its security.

Encripted notifications

For an extra layer of security, we offer our clients the possibility of receiving encrypted error notifications. 

High quality code

It took us a dozen years to fully develop the application. xmon™ is developed by expert developers in teams with SAP expert consultants.

xmon™ deployment scenarios


xmon™ is deployed as a highly secure cloud application that enables users to view the enterprise system status inside of the cloud web application.


For a robustly secure option, we offer our partners the option to have the xmon™ application for viewing the status of the enterprise system installed on-premises.

xmon™ functionality


Enables users to view Trends & patterns of the monitored items

Integrated ticketing system

Create a ticket directly in the xmon™ application 


Predicts if there is a probability of a problem and notifies the key person.

Encrypted notifications

Monitoring sensitive data? Encrypt your notificationsfor extra security level.

Cloud or On-premises

xmon™ application can be deployed either as a cloud app or on premises.

No VPN or Internet required

To run monitoring of the system, no internet or VPN is required.

User friendly

UX and UI of the application is focused on ease of use.


Completely secure way to monitor your system.

xmon™ documentation

Download xmon™ product sheet

Download xmon™  technical description

Download xmon™ for partners

Download xmon™ V 4.0 Update

Why xmon™?

why xmon?

Light-weight install

Non-intrusive, light-weight set up and operation; customized client configuration and guaranteed data privacy and safety.

why xmon?

Improve IT system admin

Boost system administration for IT Teams by notifying administrators of server/application problems before these actually happen.

why xmon?

Insights in IT operations

xMon fuels insight based on historical and real-time data collection enabling incremental fine-tuning, evaluating trends and assistance in determining the problem root cause.


Partner with us to ensure enterprise system stability

Ensure the stability of your client’s enterprise systems. 

Your proposal for managed services will become immediately more attractive because of the security level that xmon will provide to your prospects.

Why should you partner with XCENTER DIGITAL?

  • You will gain access to our products
  • With our product, you gain a unique advantage when offering managed services to your prospects
  • Eliminate the risk of errors for enterprises 
  • Create an additional revenue stream by monitoring the customer’s systems

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