xTractor for Uipath RPA
xTractor for Uipath RPA
xTractor for Uipath RPA
xTractor for Uipath RPA
xTractor for Uipath RPA
xTractor for Uipath RPA
xTractor for Uipath RPA
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Decades of expertise in OpenText ECM!

Fully capitalize on Your investments in OpenText ECM for SAP products based on our deep expertise and know-how acquired through years of successful consulting services in the enterprise space. We are a team of ex-IXOS, ex-OpenText consultants with a focus on OpenText Enterprise Content Management for SAP.

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Managed services for OpenText & xSuite

Enterprise managed services for OpenText ECM and xSuite for SAP products. We’ve been delivering managed services long before COVID-19 and continue to service our customers via secure, online environments. We monitor your applications and act to ensure you can focus on your core business

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Boost AP processes with xSuite Cube

Leverage Your xSuite Capture Helix and xSuite Invoice Cube products to the max! Formerly know as 'xFlow Capture' and 'xFlow Invoice for SAP', our data capture (OCR) and SAP consultants have a wealth of experience in complex implementations, country roll-outs, managed services, custom developments and upgrades.

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Safeguard against system failure

Tailor-made, real-time status monitoring of critical SAP, OpenText ECM and xSuite enterprise applications to prevent system failure of server or applications before these actually happen. No system integration required.

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Turbocharge E-invoicing with xTractor

PDF invoicing is the most widely used e-invoicing technology. Make it effortlessly easy for suppliers emailing PDF invoices to integrate within Your e-invoicing strategy. No supplier onboarding program or effort required!

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Enable RPA 2.0 with xTractor for UiPath

Enable the RPA 2.0 “unattended bot” state with structured electronic input data for UiPath.
Eliminate manual processing of PDF files entirely and ‘feed’ UiPath’s RPA with 100% accurate data directly connected to your ERP system, including monitoring.

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Safeguard systems from failure

Safeguard Your enterprise applications against system failure with tailor-made, real-time status monitoring of critical enterprise SAP, OpenText ECM and xSuite applications to prevent system failure of server or applications before these actually happen.

Enterprise Content Management

XCD drives digital transformation through Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services and [proprietary] software, with a strong focus on SAP.

XCD delivered +250 ECM projects since 2008, and today manages application services for 18 enterprise clients. If you run OpenText Archive Center and are Benelux-based, chances are that we implemented it! We focus on OpenText ECM and xSuite SAP and Kofax products to warrant an unbiased approach and exclusive dedication to our Clients’ benefit.

Procure-to-Pay Automation

XCD helps buyers and suppliers digitize and automate their SAP Procure-to-Pay processes with expert services and deep technical expertise gained through decades of experience.

We focus on xSuite Cube SAP (formerly ‘xFlow Invoice SAP’) and xSuite’s OCR products based on Canon’s IRISXtract OEM data capture technology. Our consulting services extend to OpenText  Vendor Invoice Management (VIM), as well as VIM’s OCR add-ons, Invoice Capture and the more recent ML-driven Intelligent Capture. 

Accelerator XCD Products

Throughout the years, we have also developed innovative and complementary ‘accelerator’ products that bring out the best in Your leading SAP Ariba, OpenText and xSuite enterprise applications.

We offer 100% accurate data capture for vendor invoice and sales order processing for SAP, as well as an enterprise monitoring application designed especially for OpenText ECM (Archive Center, Content Server, xECM, ICC, BCC, IES), OpenText Steamserve, and xSuite’s Accounts Payable automation products for SAP. 

The main benefit of having XCD take care of our OpenText applications, is the comfort and peace of mind they offer through their expert, timely managed services.

Vaclav Svub

Digital Lead Robotics & Discrete Automation, ABB
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Procure-to-Pay projects
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24/5 Client Support

18 years OpenText & SAP Experience

The Digital Document Specialists


We are technical consultants and ex-employees of IXOS and OpenText. We design, deploy, develop, migrate, support, customize, monitor, and manage OpenText Enterprise Content Management (ECM), xSuite and Kofax data capture products – since 2004. We operate remotely through a secure, robust and state-of-the-art infrastructure, underpinned by years of providing expert (managed) services reliably.


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