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Vendor invoice data capture

Vendor Invoice Data Capture

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Vendor Invoice Data Capture​

What is vendor invoice data capture?

Invoice capture is the process of extracting data from invoices — whether in paper or digital formats

Invoice data capture is one of the most critical stages of the accounts payable process. It is the process of capturing the key data from invoices, then validating this extracted information, organising it and finally, storing it. 

The traditional way of extracting this data from invoices is going through these manually and having a human input all this information into accounting databases, software, etc. Which extremely influences the cost of captured data.

But now, as businesses continue to embrace automation and data capture tools, invoice data capture solutions are able to make this process much more efficient.

How it works?

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Capture what matters the most

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benefits of Invoice Data Capture

Reduce data entry errors

Data capture is outputting correct invoice information.

Improve supplier relationships

Faster processing, less errors in invoices will greatly improve relationship with suppliers.

Reduce storage costs

Capture only relevant data. Instead of saving whole documents, you save storage by storing the information which only matters to you the most.

Increase staff productivity

Staffs productivity will increase due to less time needed to spend while manually processing the invoices.

Faster processing

Output is the faster processing of the invoices and huge saving of time spent for processing.

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