xTractor for Uipath RPA
xTractor for Uipath RPA
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Spearhead growth & partner with XCD

Capitalize on our innovative accelerator products for OpenText ECM and xSuite. We forge alliances to resolve clients’ challenges with like-minded specialists. By partnering with XCD, you gain access to opportunities to expand your revenue stream.

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Spearhead growth & partner with XCD

Capitalize on our innovative accelerator products for OpenText ECM and xSuite. We forge alliances to resolve clients’ challenges with like-minded specialists. By partnering with XCD, you gain access to opportunities to expand your revenue stream.

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  • XCD takes pride in working with some of the best software and service providers in the industry. Our technology alliance partners are the top industry software solutions for enterprise content management, e-invoicing, advanced data capture (Kofax!), as well as OpenText and xSuite for SAP technology. Every XCD Technology Alliance Partner ensure the highest level of performance, best-in-class automation and robotics/RPA, improved efficiencies, and sharp return on investment. Embed and white-label XCD’s products into your platform or application to develop tailored, best-of-breed software solutions for a shared customer segment. You can offer XCD solutions to customers through a private or public cloud. Add your own intellectual property or enhance cloud solutions from XCD with your own industry or line-of-business expertise.

  • Expand your business by distributing XCD’s products in combination with bundled procure-to-pay solutions or services, and offer guidance and consultation to customers. The added value You bring as a Partner can come from professional services such as integrating, customizing, consulting, training and implementation. The value can also be added by developing a specific application for the product designed for Your specific customer need. Take advantage of white labelling our procure-to-pay solutions, either by embedding them into your platform or by delivering our solutions under your own brand name.

  • XCD service partners are typically consultants or systems integrators (SIs) that provide strategic business consulting, system design, solution integration, and project implementation of XCD solutions. Services are a critical component of every XCD engagement. XCD Services Partners play a vital role in helping our customers design, implement, and integrate our solutions. It is partners like you that help customers adopt XCD solutions to help digitally transform and get the most out of their businesses. Once XCD Services Partners have integrated the solution and process into their operations, Services Partners usually also keep the solution running and growing as their business evolves.

XCD’s xTractor Invoice™ complements B2boost’s electronic invoicing network solution very well indeed. The combination and deep integration of both products ensures rapid and efficient supplier adoption and on-boarding.

Frédéric Hayertz

BT Program Director, B2Boost

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  • Sending PDF invoices via email is the most used e-invoicing method around the world. xTractor is introducing a smarter way to capture data from PDF invoices automatically with perfect accuracy. Companies that implement e-invoicing experience significant results such as cost reduction, faster processing, on-time payments, and improved ‘touchless’ invoice management. E-invoicing adoption face obstacles that have hindered its adoption, most notably supplier onboarding. XCD’s PDF invoice data extraction solution extracts data from any software application-generated or readable PDF, thereby empowering E-invoicing providers to achieve true touchless invoice processing thru easy e-invoicing.

  • Are you a specialist company in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and data integration? Is your company helping B2B companies and organizations with digital B2B and B2G communication and data integration to speed up the exchange of business efficiently with your trading partners? Then XCD xTractor can help you add another format to your portfolio of format transformation and integration services. Convert PDF documents seamlessly to 100% accurate EDI messages. xTractor effortlessly handles complex PDF document structures and layout and help solve complex EDI data integration challenges on the road to digital transformation. Embed xTractor within your EDI application, platform and/or service! xTractor is available on premises and in the Cloud.

  • Expand your OpenText Services business by switching on XCD’s xMon SaaS products to solve problems before they happen, using our state-of-the-art real-time status monitoring of critical enterprise server applications for OpenText Archive Center, Content Server, ICC/BCC, xECM, VIM, xFlow Capture, xFlow Interface, xFlow Invoice, SAP Content Server, Kofax KTM, and more. Monitor end-to-end enterprise IT processes simultaneously to prevent system failure or damage through real-time monitoring of enterprise server apps. Extend the breadth and depth our your services offering by subcontracting our long history in OpenText ECM/VIM, xSuite for SAP and Kofax applications and competitive Czech services rates.


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