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xarchive ensures most reliable storage of documents.

Our solution is one of the most reliable archiving solutions for SAP on the market.


Our archiving solution

Enterprise archiving at a fraction of the cost

xarchive is a Solid, secure enterprise archive server built by black-belt experts using a SAP ArchiveLink protocol. Easily scan, process, and import electronic documents across various systems at fraction of the cost, set up included.

Why xarchive?

why xarchive™?

Enterprise Archive

Robust, enterprise-scale archiving solution at a fraction of the cost. Solid, secure archive server using a SAP ArchiveLink protocol.

why xarchive™?


Easily scan, process and import electronic documents across various enterprise systems. Take advantage of a user-friendly interface.

why xarchive™?

Fast back-up & recover

Back-up and recover your data at lightning speed. xArchive sports a host of client libraries for .NET, Java, Perl, … to empower integration with a wide variety of systems.


Microsoft .NET Technology

The technology which xarchive uses is built in a Microsoft environment. xarchive is an MS .NET server application that stores data in container files (VHDX), in an MS Azure cloud, or in files in a regular FS filesystem

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