STIB-MIVB selects xTractor for PDF e-invoicing

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, November 12 , 2019 — STIB – MIVB, the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, essentially the local public transport operator in Brussels, Belgium;  selected XCD’s xTractor PDF vendor invoice extraction product to make the most of their SAP-based Accounts Payable process through easy, smart electronic invoicing.

STIB – MIVB was seeking to digitize their Accounts Payable process and further optimize their vendor invoice process in SAP. xTractor is a proprietary solution that extracts data 100% accurately from a so-called ‘[software] application-generated’ PDF file. xTractor then automatically converts the extracted data to an xml, ubl, csv, isdoc, or other structured file formats which then feeds into STIB – MIVB’s SAP-integrated AP workflow solution called ‘xSuite Invoice Cube’ (formerly known as ‘xFlow Invoice SAP’).

“xTractor is a powerful tool that enables us to convert text PDF files into true e-invoices. Once accurately data-mapped, PDF invoices received by STIB via email require no manual intervention, and the extracted data goes straight to SAP” said Sandra Spano, Manager Finance Solutions, STIB – MIVB.

A comprehensive vendor search revealed XCD’s xTractor strength in the marketplace because of its 100% accurate invoice data extraction every time, at both header and line level.

” xTractor capitalizes on the fact that PDF invoicing is the most prevalent e-invoicing technique worldwide. If today your suppliers are sending PDF invoices attached to emails, then xTractor can convert these PDF invoices into true e-invoices – no supplier onboarding required!” says Carl Ellmer, Sales Director at XCD. “We look forward to playing an important role in the success of STIB – MIVB as they progress their SAP Accounts Payable process forward towards Touchless invoicing.”

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