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Bridgestone extracts PDF data 100% exact with xTractor

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, December 31 , 2020 — Bridgestone, a renowned global market-leading tire manufacturer selected XCD’s xTractor vendor invoice automation solution to maximize efficiency and digitize their Accounts Payable process through easy electronic invoicing.

Bridgestone Europe was looking to transform their finance operations by further optimizing their vendor invoice process in SAP, through effective automation. xTractor is a proprietary solution that extracts data 100% accurately from a so-called ‘[software] application-generated’ PDF file. xTractor then automatically converts the extracted data to an xml, ubl, csv, isdoc, or other structured file formats which then feeds into Bridgestone’s SAP-integrated AP workflow solution called ‘xSuite Invoice Cube’ (formerly known as ‘xFlow Invoice SAP’).

At Bridgestone , xTractor is progressively being deployed to a steadily increasing number of suppliers, alongside Bridgestone’s SAP Ariba deployment. With xTractor, Bridgestone is achieving near-touchless invoicing whilst speeding up processes, reducing costs, and improving transparency.

“xTractor empowers us to extract vendor invoice data from PDF files received via email 100% accurately, and convert these extracted data to genuine e-invoices that assist greatly with straight-through processing of vendor invoices” said Maciej Mroczkiewicz, Procure-to-Pay Team Leader, Bridgestone Europe.

A comprehensive vendor search revealed XCD’s xTractor strength in the marketplace because of its 100% accurate invoice data extraction every time, at both header and line level.

” xTractor capitalizes on the fact that PDF invoicing is the most popular e-invoicing method globally. If today your suppliers are sending PDF invoices attached to emails then xTractor can convert these PDF invoices into genuine e-invoices – zero supplier onboarding required!” says Carl Ellmer, Sales Director at XCD. “We look forward to playing an important role in the success of Bridgestone as they drive their SAP Accounts Payable process forward towards Touchless invoicing.”

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